The future is now, in many ways. Neuroscience and psychiatry are fields that have experienced tremendous growth, especially in the last few decades, and these advances already have practical applications. Neuropsychopharmacology and neuroimaging are exciting fields right now, as we develop and refine our understanding of the brain. At the same time, much is still unknown and in the individual, and some psychopharmacology is essentially experimental.

Imaging genetics have raised questions centering on the classic mind/brain argument, which antipsychiatry factions are challenging in court and the media. If behaviour is neurochemical, what of free will? And ethically, what is considered personal responsibility? Neuroethics addresses these questions and more.

Transhumanism advocates the responsible application of technology to overcome the body's limitations. Cosmetic psychopharmacology involves using medication to enhance brain functions, rather than to restore. There is growing demand and interest, and there are ethical concerns involved here as well.

Neuroscience, psychiatry, neuroethics and transhumanism are the four areas of focus for this blog. They have applications in a broad range of fields, and I'll be aggregating diverse information. Expect a lot of interesting links. I invite your comments.


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