Sometimes when you're a tumbleweed blowing along the dusty streets of blog ghost towns, you roll into a saloon full of characters.

Visual enough? It's an appropriate trailer for Cinebrain, a weblog on brain sciences and cinema written by Sina Ohadinia and Ross Saunders. Although it's been fallow since 2004 there are two years worth of archives to gobble up like so much buttered popcorn.

I'm not sure where else you'd find a review of Spiderman 2 with this kind of focus: "One of the highlights of drama in this movie is his DEPERSONALISATION experience, which resembles some sort of nervous breakdown, and leads to his loss of spider powers and force him to abandon his Spiderman character for a while to play his rather ordinary, cliched character of ADD/crazy/disorganised/nice scientist (who of course, most of the time is an expert in physics or mathematics!) and is also a journalist and photographer, another two professions known for the high rate of ADD prevalency among them)."

Stay for the credits.


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