Neuroscience nanotechnology articles

GA Silva (2006) Neuroscience nanotechnology: Progress, opportunities, and challenges. Nature Reviews Neuroscience 7:65-74. >PDF

The Silva Research Group, Cellular Neural Engineering at the University of California, San Diego has archived PDFs of a collection of articles by Gabriel Silva. This latest look at nanotechnology was published in the January 06 edition of Nature Reviews Neuroscience; indexed here on PubMed.


Blogger anirudh said...

This is the most amazing website from a neuroengineer's point of view.
I feel this is soon going to be the most sought after scientific website on the www because this is the future of all research as it attempts to conquer the only thing remaining in the body, "The Human brain" !!!

- Anirudh Chaturvedi, NJIT Grad '09

16/11/07 21:33  
Blogger Sandra said...

Thank you, I feel the same way about research, though I doubt my site will be the most popular on the web. But thanks. :)

16/11/07 23:20  

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