BAW - Day 1

Happy Brain Awareness Week!

Organized annually by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives with partners such as the Society for Neuroscience, BAW raises, well, awareness of, yes, the brain. (Here's a public service announcement to share.)

As anyone who already has some awareness can attest, that can encompass a LOT of things. So much so that as I sit down to write I find myself with option paralysis.

Therefore, today's going to be a bit of a cop-out while I ponder what to do. A few cool links. Here are four neuroscience wikis:

Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Wiki
Neurotransmitter.net Wiki
Artificial Intelligence Wiki: AIWiki
NA-MIC (National Alliance for Medical Imaging Computing) Wiki

And! And! A neurosong. What's a neurosong? I'm not referring to music that affects brain waves, which is a sub-science in itself and runs the gamut from sound used as a weapon by the military to new age warblings that claim to cure cancer along with insomnia for just $19.99 per CD. Nor are they songs that use sounds from the brain (I'm still waiting to hear someone use this sample of action potentials in a trigeminal ganglion cell in a dance remix.) These are simply songs with titles and/or artist names related to the brain.

Neuroactive is a Finnish EBM/future pop band who've released titles like Morphology. Their web site is down or I'd link it; also, this song is available for free download (I'm not pirating) but I can't find that link again either so here it is, available for seven days:

Neuroactive - Contempt [Hardmix]

I'll be posting neurosongs every day this week, and am going to host a BAW contest (with a prize!) so tune in tomorrow for more.


Blogger razorsmile said...

Wow. I'm pretty partial to the idea of music derived from action potentials and neuronal activity - reminds of this.

14/3/06 21:39  

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