Brain art

I found some spectacular photographs of the brain, taken by "neurollero" Mark Miller. "Brains are gorgeous at the right magnification," he notes. View his Flickr slideshow by clicking on the image:

Today's neurosong is Neural - Noise, a kickass tune from a French band.


Blogger razorsmile said...

That _is_ pretty.

18/3/06 21:43  
Anonymous Mike said...

The picture is beautiful ... and I find it amazing to consider that these delicate slender fibers dancing so delicately in synchrony with each others combine in so many unique and individual ways to form the essence of who we are that the world as we are able to know it. What is even more intriguing is the degree to which this essence of who we are operates beyond our level of awareness - unconsciously - and that the very choices we make, again, most often out of awareness, sculpt these attempts to reach out at a microscopic level to embrace the experience we desire and seek.


20/3/06 21:02  

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