Podcasts and a PSA

Dana Alliance for the Brain produces a neuroscience podcast series called Gray Matters as well as panel discussions and more. These recordings include thematic collections (neuroethics) and one-on-one interviews (Eric Kandel). Access the complete collection on their archived webcasts page.

Among the offerings:

Depression and Bi-polar Disorders

Prominent faculty from The Johns Hopkins Mood Disorders Center discuss the latest research and clinical findings on depression and bipolar disorders. Featured speakers included co-directors of the Center and Dana Alliance members Kay Redfield Jamison and J. Raymond DePaulo, Jr.

I think Dana does great work and I'm thrilled about this archive and all but *ahem* they hit on a pet peeve.

Bipolar is not two words. You don't ride a bi-cycle to see your BiSexual lover during a Bi En Ni Al. It's bipolar. Just one word. No hyphen. Lowercase. Simple.

This has been a public spelling announcement.



Anonymous bgp said...

Anyone know of any talks with Eric Kandel available online in a format other than .ra? Especially mp3's...

5/5/06 17:02  
Blogger Sandra said...

I haven't found one yet, but he's doing a lot of interviews lately so hopefully there will be some. I prefer mp3 too.

"Only clueless n00bs use Real," said a friend about the Columbia neuroaesthetics webcasts I blogged the other day. Many huge institutions still use it without offering alternatives to listeners who prefer other media.

Which is why there's Real Alternative:

I'll keep my eye out for mp3s. Maybe somebody reading this knows some good ones? Thanks for bringing it up!

5/5/06 18:22  
Anonymous bgp said...

Just found this mp3 interview with Dr. Kandel. Enjoy.

5/5/06 18:50  
Blogger Sandra said...


5/5/06 18:55  

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