The blogularity

Technorati released a blogosphere status report and after reading that it's "60 times bigger than it was only 3 years ago" and other factoids I looked at an accompanying chart and it struck me - there's surely going be a blog singularity.

See for yourself:

New blogs include unknown numbers directories don't try to track because they're not human-tended (raising the question "what is a real blog?"). Technorati refers to them as noise. Splogs and splings as well as blogjects and spimes. They're getting smarter, and expanding rapidly, while at the same time there's more and better analysis about what constitutes a good blog, content trends, information sources, market data, blogger profiles, etc.

Yada yada yada then the question arises - how will I as a human blogger fare with strong AI sentient blogs?

Blogu. The best blog there could ever be. Unimaginably witty and informative. Cool and cute and credible. Will the ultimate blog end all blogs?

A blogu would provide *links* for all those words like spime and splog but I as a quirky lazy humanoid now just say look them up. Ha! Does that make me charmingly irreplacable? No?

Would I matter as a blogger? Would a blogu even blogroll me?

How will the blogularity affect my blogularity?

Ah, modern anxieties.



Blogger Blake Stacey said...

Well, that does it. All my natural skepticism about the Technological Singularity is hereby swept away. A new consciousness awaits, and postbiological H. transsapiens is at hand. "A new life in the off-world colonies, a chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure. . . ."

21/4/06 01:14  
Anonymous foxtongue said...

There's something compelling about that, as if I now have to see what I can do to push it forward faster.

21/4/06 11:58  
Anonymous Shay said...

Ooh, I'm totally stealing your neologism.

28/4/06 14:31  
Blogger UberGround said...

I find it amusing I got here through one of these 'artificially intelligent' blogs.

2/11/06 06:41  

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