Neuro wardrobe

"Add to your neuro wardrobe ensemble with both the Brain Cap (above) and the Nervous System T-Shirt (shown at left). Only available in X-Large. Flip up the brim and expose the words, 'Think, think, think...'"

I wrote a paragraph about an imaginary neuroscience beach barbeque but am trying to cut down on snarkiness, so deleted it. Keyword: neuronerdliness.

Brain Mart may not be Chanel but they do have an extensive array of brain related products, including novelties. Much potential fun with the brain mold. Neuronerdliness is good!


Blogger Dan Dright said...

Keyword: neuronerdliness.

Excuse me, but I resemble that remark, sister.


18/4/06 19:35  
Blogger Dan Dright said...

I've enjoyed your blog quite a bit! Great links. I plan to order a brain jello mold post haste.

The link to the videos is great! May I also post them?

I plan to add you to my blogroll. Thanks! Keep up the good work!

18/4/06 19:48  
Blogger Sandra said...

Thanks Dan! By all means link to anything; a link to me with it would be nice. Enjoy your brain jello mold. (Try ice sculpture, too!)

18/4/06 19:58  
Blogger Dan Dright said...

the link is to you of course, and I shall add you to my blogroll (a dubious honor, I assure you.)


19/4/06 21:13  

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