Welcome to the Future: CNN

CNN will air a special report on March 25 titled Welcome to the Future: The Future is in Your Grasp, which looks at progress in a number of areas including health, entertainment and technology. Among the research they're highlighting is the BrainGate Neural Interface, under development by Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems Inc.

A small chip implanted in the motor cortex enables thought to control computers, and the goal is to one day help disabled users regain control of limb movement. The first test subject, who was given an implant in 2001, said, "Within the first three days I was able to control the cursor pretty much. When I think back on it, it's kind of a trip to think that my brain signals was controlling a mouse, changing channels on my TV, adjusting the volume, opening e-mails."

Researcher Dr. Leigh Hochberg said, "I'm very hopeful that these technologies will be able to help people with paralysis in the future; to make communication occur more easily, to allow people to control their environment more directly and, I hope, to one day to be able to move again."

Read more about CNN's program, and watch some video highlights, here.


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