The winner is...

Wow, I'm truly impressed! 50 inspired and inspiring new neurowords were entered in the contest by 30 people. Ranging from jokiness to snarkiness to serious descriptions of science, I think a lot of them are destined to enter the lexicon. Now that you've invented them, you'll use them, right?

Ultimately, that's what determined the winner.

"Neurologism: a word created by prefixing "neuro" to almost any normal word" was the first entry in the contest, and the gold standard. As soon as I read it I laughed and said to myself, damn, it's going to be tough to beat that.

It was. My mind was open though, I was a fair judge, so I was torn between neurologism and several other outstanding words. I didn't decide until today when I saw it used on other blogs. That did it – a word that not only defined the entire concept behind the contest but was instantly adopted by all who read it? Yep. That's a winner.

Congratulations, Neil H.!

And congratulations to everyone who coined a neurologism – your imagination keeps language alive.


Blogger Neil H. said...



20/3/06 23:35  
Blogger Prerona said...

great! and a lot of cool links too :) thank you!

21/3/06 00:18  
Blogger BenP said...

Congratulations ! Your neurologism deserve to win ! It's sound like the father of the others ne(ur)ologism.

21/3/06 06:31  
Blogger razorsmile said...


ok, now i'm getting silly :D

21/3/06 12:29  
Blogger Jake Dunagan said...

Hi, I'm a little late to address this, and its really not a burning issue for me, but I used "neurologism" in an article I wrote in 2004. It can be found at http://www2.tku.edu.tw/~tddx/jfs/ in the article "Neurofutures: The Brain, Politics, and Power. page 8, at the bottom.

Hell, someone probably coined it long before then.

I would be interested in feedback about the article itself from readers of this blog too.

Jake Dunagan.

5/6/06 18:21  
Blogger Sandra said...

Hi Jake - thanks for bring this to my attention. I'm going to post about it this week; have been on hiatus.

14/6/06 18:40  

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