Seed science writing contest

Via Cyberspace Rendezvous:

Seed is pleased to announce the First Annual Seed Science Writing Contest. This call to action is intended to inspire writers to think critically about the state of science in America.

Amidst emerging competitive threats from abroad (China and India in particular) and heated debates over intelligent design, stem cells and climate change: What is the future of science in America? What should the US do to preserve and build upon its role as a leader in scientific innovation?

Deadline is June 30, 2006, maximum word count 2,000. No entry fee. Grand prize is publication of winning essay in Seed magazine (who also publish ScienceBlogs including the estimable Cognitive Daily), and $1,000 cash.

Open to US citizens 18 and older.

Canadians, of course, are also welcome to ponder "the future of science in America" then write in their blogs. Or, apply for the CSWA science writing scholarship for the Banff Centre, who assure us that understanding science "requires expertise no greater than that required for understanding hockey strategy." What about figure skating physics? Skating science whiz Mira Leung is the future.


Blogger Blake Stacey said...

Well, you're 1,993 words under the limit. Not bad; keep trying. (-:

7/4/06 14:09  

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