AI technical talks

Some of the available videos produced for the Tech Talks collection at Google Video, from hour long presentations to Google research and development staff (including Q&As):

  • Opportunities For Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine by Prof. Russ Altman, director of the Center for Biomedical Computation at Stanford University, and the PharmGKB online pharmacogenomics database

  • Scalable Learning and Inference in Hierarchical Models of the Neocortex - computational neuroscience
  • Hacking the brain by predicting the future and inverting the un-invertible by Bill Softky
  • Knowledge Representation and the Semantic Web, High End Computing and Scientific Visualization at NASA
  • Glimpse Inside a Metaverse: The Virtual World of Second Life
  • weRobot: Robotics and Community for Learning and Exploration

And more. It's Web 3.0.


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