Health problems kept me off my keyboard. While I recuperated, a diet of hardcover books instead of RSS feeds changed my priorities a bit.

I'd been neglecting other projects for this blog. The intarweb is a highly distracting time suck, as I'm sure you know. I'm working on a better balance, but for now am reallocating this time until I finish a book I'm working on or at least set a better schedule.

This is not the end of Neurofuture. Stay subscribed, and stay tuned this week for a few tidying-up posts including a new co-winner of the neuroword contest.


Blogger Jose said...

Don't sweat the absence. We've got Technorati and RSS, so most of us don't even notice the absences simply because we're surfing blogs differently.


15/6/06 04:06  
Blogger Sandra said...

True true. Good.

15/6/06 12:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, don't dissapear forever. I'm one of the lurkers and would really be dissapointed if you stopped.

21/6/06 04:21  

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