Hybrot neuroart

The Animat multi-electrode array consists of 60 electrodes embedded on a glass culture dish on which thousands of cultured rat neurons spontaneously form a neural network. They interface to control a simulator for a pair of pneumatic robot arms which self-creates paintings. The culture and simulator reside in Atlanta while the robot and video are in Perth (later New York City).

MEART (Multi-Electrode Array art) is a hybrot built in collaboration with the Symbi-oticA Research Group. The project explores epistemological, ethical and aesthetical issues concerning the use of living neurons for ethno-centric end.

The electrode array interface is a concept not far from Cyberkinetic's BrainGate neural interface implant project. They may be considered precursors of wetware, neural cyborgs and semi-organic AI (depending where it leads).

MEART: the semi living artist is a gorgeous web site from the hybrot's Australian partners, hosting images, publications, and theory about the project and touring art exhibitions.

Via The Neurophilosopher's Blog.


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