Another treasure trove of webcasts: The Science Museum's Dana Centre UK hosts an ongoing series of public events at d.cafe, webcast live from London every few weeks and, of course, archived. Encompassing many branches of science, quite a few are about brain sciences. The one I've chosen to spotlight here covers neurolinguistics, genetics, neuroimaging, evolutionary psychology, neuroethics and more in a future-reaching discussion.

The 21-st Century Brain. Steven Rose discusses his new book with Colin Blakemore and d.cafe participants. "The human brain is the most complex structure in the universe. We can potentially cure Alzheimer's disease and control behaviour. What are the consequences?"

I also highlighted a few psychology-related titles at Psych Central, and, because often my most popular posts are about webcasts, and podcasts, I'm launching a new blog devoted to them. Tune in daily for links to one educational video per post. (Today's pick from the same archive is on neuroethics.) Channel N posts follow a simple informative structure. I'm not stopping Neurofuture, it's an outgrowth. Add Channel N to your blogroll.




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