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There’s a lot of exciting work being done in neuroscience today. And the commercial potential is substantial. But the market sector has been oversaturated with the recycled, repackaged commodity offerings by the big players. What neuroscience really needs is an injection of new energy.

NeuroScene highlights just that, new trends in commercial neuroscience. A conference report (quoted above) looks at well-positioned players and hot topics from BIO 2006, while other market reports feature vascular dementia (the next big market?) and neurostimulator research at Cyberkinetics. There's also an mp3 podcast: the neuroscience of obesity, interview with Dr. Ann E. Kelley.

NeuroScene aggregates the more intriguing recent news, as well as original content, in a sleek site.

I adore well-designed web sites (some people like kittens, I like efficiency). Another favourite is Bjorn Bremb's Blog, a Swedish neurobiologist's blog and comprehensive homepage using the free open source e107 content management system. From his knife-making hobby to photos to a repository of his publications, with tons of site stats I didn't know I wanted to know but did (views/downloads/ratings, etc.). Breathtakingly organized. My Blogger blog seems so-o-o lame now.

Brembs also maintains an educational site called Science and Magic. Why the title, and fantasy-type images? From the intro:

The design of my homepage is the humble attempt to counterpoint the overwhelming impact science has on our thinking. By contrasting layout and content I try to put science into a different perspective than most scientists of today. I am not trying to mythologize science into some dark gibberish but rather to raise awareness that the knowledge we acquire in science is not superior to any other knowledge and should not be absolutized. Science is communication. The internet is the juggernaut of the information age.

Here you'll find his concise but specific original writing about order in spontaneous behaviour, learning and memory, evolution, a biological basis for aggression in Drosophila, concepts of metabiology and more.



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