MachinesLikeUs is a new website about artificial intelligence, evolution, cognition and related topics. It features a news blog, book reviews, links, user forum, and informative profiles (links, quotes, bios) of scientists such as Jeff Hawkins, Stephen Pinker, Gerald Edelman, Susan Pockett, and many more.

MachinesLikeUs is especially notable as it both collects and commissions original articles. The editor, Norm, is always on the lookout for new, thoughtful work and welcomes your submissions.

"MachinesLikeUs is important to me because although there are many competent (and some brilliant) individuals working on human cognition and artificial intelligence, they are often quite isolated from one another. With the site, I hope to provide a kind of meeting ground for these various efforts, and present them in an attractive manner to the public."

So far he's succeeding admirably.



Blogger Prasant Sivadasan said...


Thanks for the link to MachinesLikeUS. I got to your blog from mindhacks.com. With so many wonderful blogs around, there's so much to read!


30/10/06 07:39  
Blogger Sandra said...


30/10/06 21:30  

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