The Synapse 10

The Synapse, Spooky Issue 10 is up, thanks to the scarily amusing Neurocritic. This regular blog carnival in its current issue features fifteen contributions from some of the hottest neurobloggers online, including its host.


Screenprinted neuron


Neuron on a velvet wallet, screenprinted by hand, Smoking Lily. Original drawing in the Smoking Lily web archive, and see it printed with a word at Omni Brain.


Brain computer interface drawing

Via Positive Technology Journal

In the artist's own words:

Not to Draw by Hand. To Draw by Brain.

Artists usually draw pictures by hand with brushes or
pencils. However, the activities of brains must be more
important and essential than the ones of hands at the
moment of creating art. Therefore, I decided to draw
pictures with electrodes being set on my head through
controlling the activities of my own brain. The curved
lines so-called "brain waves" in medicine must be the
"drawings" in the world of fine art, directly drawn by
my brain without using hands.

"Brain Waves Drawing"
Live Performance by Hideki Nakazawa
Nov 4-5, 2006 at Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo
Supported by Nihon Kohden

More info


Mechanical brains

Via artfuture:

Award-winning sculptor Lewis Tardy creates biomechanical forms from steel parts, with a touch of Art Deco styling. He's made heads with steel brains, including Introspection (2001) comprised of vacuum tubes and steel parts, detail below.

Phoropter and Phoropter 2 (1995, 1996) have enhanced visual perception, incorporating numerous optical lenses. He's created many human and animal cyborg figures. Wheeled Racer and Running Hound capture a sense of powerful motion. The mechanical creatures aren't functional but capture moments of action in skating, dancing, diving - and thinking.

His most recent work in the online gallery again focuses on the head; Reconstruction (2006) has wires and gears in its brain. "[It's] created from Stryker titanium craniomaxillofacial reconstruction plates and screws as well as other steel and stainless steel found objects."

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