Image: the best-in-show bot at Robogames 07. When I blocked its path, it stopped moving forward and asked my name. I didn't answer but took this photo.

Relationships with robots are examined in this interesting video (or listen to audio alone).

Transrobotism (Human-Robot Bonds). "When a humanoid robot successfully mirrors human emotion and evokes an emotional response from us, what happens to our understanding of ourselves and our emotional reality? This provocative panel discussion on the emerging new realities of human-machine relationships is guaranteed to change the way you think!" Moderated by Pia Lindman, the panel consisted of Rodney Brooks, Joy Hirsch, Sherry Turkle, Peter Galison, and David Rodowick. WGBH Lectures. 01:51:36
link http://forum.wgbh.org/wgbh/forum.php?lecture_id=3413
direct audio link http://forum.wgbh.org/content/forum/3413-2007_04_24.mp3

Brief clip of a child interacting with the robot above:

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