Brain Awareness Week 2007

During last year's Brain Awareness Week I was full of vim and enthusiasm, but this time I've got a flu virus and am feeling listless. Links are the better way to go.

The Dana Alliance for the Brain is the BAW umbrella organization worldwide, and the Society for Neuroscience sponsors many events (like a Brain Bee for young students) in turn. Here it's NeuroScience Canada spearheading celebrations, such as a presentation on neurobiology and psychology in space: Functioning with a Floating Brain by Dr. Luchino Cohen, Program Scientist, Space Life Sciences, Canadian Space Agency. A free, bilingual event at the Montreal Planetarium on March 12. To find goings-on in your area, check the international calendar.

Online, the Encephalon neuroscience blog carnival, hosted this time around at Pharyngula, features a variety of links to intriguing, funny, and informative original writing.

Then there are many, many links compiled at The Neurophilospher's list of neuro/psych blogs. My brain science vlog Channel N was demarcated by an asterisk of recommendation, woot. The number of subscribers soared from 14 to 30 as a result.

I don't do this for fame, y'know. Rather, the prestige and the glory.

Happy Brain Awareness Week!


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