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Recently I featured Jonathan McCabe's two dimensional artwork, stills of patterns generated by neural nets in his exhibit Nervous States.

More and better: animations! Videos document the processes behind the stills taken for the Origami Butterfly Technique show. Fascinating to watch the changes.

[The YouTube conversion is not as good as the Quicktime, which you can get from archives.]

Jonathan McCabe is interested in theories of biological pattern formation and evolution and their application to computer art. He likes to write computer programs which measure statistical properties of images for use in artificial evolution of computer art.

Detail of an image from Origami Butterfly Technique; click for an amazing full size image.

Archived minimally; although McCabe is a digital artist, he's hasn't made a web site. Perhaps the neural nets could generate a design?

Read more from Generator.x.
Read even more from Data Is Nature.
Direct video link (.mov) Ten videos in total archived here.


Anonymous Stephanie West Allen said...

As I mentioned on my blog, it is National Delurking Week. I simply wanted to take this opportunity to make sure you know that I read your blog. I look forward to more in 2007. Thanks.

12/1/07 09:11  
Blogger Sandra said...

Thank you. :-)

12/1/07 11:50  

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