Sci-Artist Laura Splan

I see in my referrer log that somebody found this blog by Googling for "art made with blood." What a handy coincidence…

I've recently discovered the innovative work of artist Laura Splan, who creates 2D and 3D pieces with materials as diverse as doilies, cosmetic facial peels, medical equipment, hand latch-hooked rugs, and of course blood, taken from her fingertip and used as ink. Concurrent with her art degree she studied microbiology, and has a family background in the medical field, which she draws inspiration from.

Several of her series, including Reflexive 1, 2, and 3 and Thought Patterns, utilize neuroanatomical imagery drawn in blood; she describes them thusly:

Thought Patterns is a series of images inspired by neuroanatomical structures. Each drawing was created using blood taken from my fingertips as the primary medium. The series explores the relationship between the images being depicted and the source of the medium with which they are drawn. I was drawn to these images as a formal exploration of the elements of our body that tell us we sense pain or pleasure. The images of neurons and other brain structures evoke the complex psychological and physiological responses our body has to outside forces. The forms of the brain structures act as visual metaphors for the extreme complexity and delicate fragility of the human body.

The above drawing is part of the Reflexive 2 triptych.

Delicate Structures, Innate Forces is a solo exhibition of her work at the New York Hall of Science, presented by Art and Science Collaborations, Inc., currently showing through to January 2007. It includes Thought Patterns and Reflexive blood drawings, doilies designed with virus structures, and many other highly original and fascinating works.


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