After writing about mechanical brains recently, this cyborg image by DarkArt.cz caught my eye. As did the event.

Futurepunk is a loose collective of UK industrial punk/EBM musicians and artists. Listen to Futurepunk radio, and download free music at some of the artists' sites; the "transhumanist apocalypse chic" group Xykogen offers a new EP, and Deathboy has made available their entire back catalogue. [Edit - now there's also a Futurepunk compilation album featuring all the bands.]

If you're near Camden on Nov. 23, go see Futurepunk23 with Deathboy, Xykogen, History of Guns, and others. Good times. I'd go but Google Maps won't give me driving directions from Canada and I worry about getting lost in Greenland.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

laserhead is the godfather of future punk.

12/11/08 10:37  

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