Neuroethics for Barbie

My Three Shrinks podcast #13: Lost It In Space features psychiatrists ClinkShrink, Dinah and Roy discussing a few questions on neuroethics I'd sent along to ClinkShrink, a forensic psych currently working in a prison. What's the line between the insanity defense and criminal responsibility, considering neuropsychiatric advances? What do they think about forced treatment of offenders, specifically chemical castration of sex offenders?

The trio offers some fun banter, and commentary based on their professional experience with the issues. ClinkShrink also followed up by writing the post Heads, You Lose in their blog, Shrink Rap. Thanks for taking on the topic!

For another view on neuroethical issues check out the excellent new blog The Situationist. There's a great three part series on Situational Sources of Evil by Philip Zimbardo, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Stanford University.

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