Mechanical brains

Via artfuture:

Award-winning sculptor Lewis Tardy creates biomechanical forms from steel parts, with a touch of Art Deco styling. He's made heads with steel brains, including Introspection (2001) comprised of vacuum tubes and steel parts, detail below.

Phoropter and Phoropter 2 (1995, 1996) have enhanced visual perception, incorporating numerous optical lenses. He's created many human and animal cyborg figures. Wheeled Racer and Running Hound capture a sense of powerful motion. The mechanical creatures aren't functional but capture moments of action in skating, dancing, diving - and thinking.

His most recent work in the online gallery again focuses on the head; Reconstruction (2006) has wires and gears in its brain. "[It's] created from Stryker titanium craniomaxillofacial reconstruction plates and screws as well as other steel and stainless steel found objects."

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Hey Sandra, good to see you posting again. I hope you're well.

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Blogger Sandra said...

Hi Chris, good to be back. I am feeling fine now.

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